Part research center, part skin and body oasis, 100% dedicated to your beauty goals

The Obagi Skin Health Institute is the brainchild of acclaimed dermatologist, researcher and innovator Dr. Zein Obagi. This comprehensive, family-run business first opened its doors in 1985 as Obagi Dermatology Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, California.

The Institute serves not only as a base of operations for Dr. Obagi's ongoing research and education, but as a center for cosmetic dermatology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, aesthetic services and advanced laser procedures.

In 2006, the new flagship, now known as the Obagi Skin Health Institute, opened in its current Beverly Hills location to rave reviews. Here, practically any and every kind of skincare treatment is offered – all in a calm, spa-like atmosphere. A third location was opened in Laguna Beach, California in 2013. It's an architectural and clinical masterpiece right next to the ocean and near the resort community of Laguna Beach.

At the Obagi Skin Health Institute you can enjoy life-changing treatments – topical skincare, indulgent facials and medical procedures. Our comprehensive treatments are specifically designed to restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Treatments and services of particular interest include:


Our goal is to fully restore skin health—your skin health—and promote a naturally youthful look. To that end, the Institute's Cosmetic Dermatology Department is respected and recognized by dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. Our anti-aging treatments address your specific skin conditions and personal goals.

The Institute offers an array of innovative services and products, each aimed at promoting natural skin beauty. Procedures include advanced laser therapy, Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL), Botox® treatments and the latest non-allergenic cosmetic fillers.
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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

We specialize in state-of-the-art surgical procedures for the face and body. Our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons are recognized for their experience in minimally invasive surgeries, endoscopic techniques, RF ablation (for minimal scarring) and ultrasound liposhaping.
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Laser Therapy

Used alone or with other techniques, our laser procedures treat skin problems that may not respond to other approaches. Armed with technologies you're not likely to find elsewhere, we're well-prepared to achieve impressive results. Our laser techniques are non-invasive, with minimal or no scarring. This includes hair removal, tattoo deletion, photo light facials, vein removal and other skin rejuvenation procedures.
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Cosmetic Dermatology | Facials

The Institute's many specialists see skin restoration as both a science and an art. Dr. Obagi has developed specialized programs as unique as you are. Each can deliver marked results in revitalizing skin, repairing damage, and rejuvenating skin. This includes anti-aging facials, skin tightening treatments, pigment control and acne treatments.
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Meet Samar Obagi, the multi-degreed, multi-talented wife of Dr. Zein Obagi and the Institute's Director of Operations. Mrs. Obagi runs the business end of the Institute, oversees the distribution of ZO® products and handles the company's marketing and public relations efforts. Mrs. Samar Obagi brings dedication and professionalism to the Obagi Skin Health Institute.

She earned degrees in both engineering and computer science at California State University, Long Beach, as well as a Master of Science Degree in electrical engineering. She was the first female flight test engineer at McDonnell Douglas.

Interestingly enough, her first passion was medicine, an ambition that was rekindled when she married Dr. Obagi in 1991. She recently completed a Pre-Med Program (Certificate of Science) at the University of California, Los Angeles, and will undoubtedly make even more significant contributions at the Institute.