Mini, Modified, or Full Tummy Tucks

This procedure is commonly performed at Obagi Skin Health Institute after pregnancy, or significant weight loss. It may be performed at the same time as a breast procedure as part of a Mommy Makeover procedure. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to perform and is usually performed under general anesthesia. A long acting Novocaine solution is used to minimize post-operative discomfort.

Depending on the concerns you have, the Institute's Plastic Surgeons will recommend one of the procedure options: a mini, a modified, or a full tummy tuck. A smaller incision mini will be recommended if all your concerns and findings are below the umbilicus (belly button). If your findings are below, at, and above the umbilicus, then a full Abdominoplasty is recommended. A modified tummy tuck is recommended for skin findings below the umbilicus, but muscle weakness that is below and above the umbilicus. If no muscle or fascial weakness is present then a skin only procedure may be recommended. The incision is placed low, so that your bikini will cover the incision. The skin is elevated, and the muscle layer is evaluated. The stretching that took place during pregnancy may have weakened this muscle and fascial layer, and sutures are used to bring the layer back to its pre-pregnancy position. The loose skin is carefully removed and the incision is closed with self-dissolving sutures.

You will be placed in a binder or girdle type garment. Showering is permitted after a few days, and the girdle is worn for a few weeks to support the area and assist in healing. At least a week off from work is recommended, with some women needing 2 weeks depending on their work and family activities. Care must be taken for a few months, while the muscle repair is getting solid, to refrain from twisting and sports activities until informed by the office that it is safe to proceed.

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