A Science, and an Art Form

This is the procedure we find the most rewarding to perform. The difference you can make in someone's life is amazing. The procedure performed under general anesthesia takes about 60-90 minutes. It is usually performed totally through small incisions inside the nose, sort of magically. The structures of the nose are sculpting down, and then the skin tightens down on the new shape underneath.

A splint is put on the nose for about a week. Minimal discomfort after the procedure except if there is a need to pack the nose, which then blocks the sinuses and therefore a sinus headache occurs. But it is not common to pack the nose. Sutures placed internally dissolve on their own. Correction of a deviated septum can be performed at the same time to correct breathing issues. Bruising does occur but with newer techniques it usually lasts only about a week.

It takes about couple of weeks to see the new shape, but the nose will continue to improve for over a year. It you have thick skin on the tip area of your nose, it can take even longer for the final shape to appear. Sometimes if your chin is small, a chin augmentation or implant will be recommended, because a small chin makes the nose seem large no matter how small it is made.

Natural results are achieved, without a done look if properly performed. Commonly a change in hair style will throw off even close friends from realizing surgery took place

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