Advanced Technique, Minimal Downtime

Enlargement of the male breast is more common than most realize. Leaving a tee shirt on to "prevent sunburn" is commonly used to hide the concerns. The enlargement is usually a combination of fatty tissue and breast tissue. All men have breast tissue, it is a question of how much, and how it is stimulated at puberty. It commonly is genetic, but may also be caused by hormone or steroid abuse, marijuana usage, and sometimes tumor of the testis.

The surgery to correct the problem is usually done under a light general anesthesia. It may be performed by liposuction alone, or a combination of liposuction and open technique. If the open technique is used, an incision is made at the bottom of the areolar and the tissue is removed. The surgery can take 1-2 hours to be performed, and the discomfort is not severe. Usually the sutures dissolve, and the chest is wrapped in a vest or compressive type garment for about 4 weeks. Limited activity with the arms is desired during this period.

Depending on the severity and amount of tissue, the skin may need to be tightened, usually at a second procedure months later. It will take months to see the final result as the skin needs to tighten. Fortunately, with close observation of the instructions given in the office, complications are minimal. Liposuction of the abdomen can be performed at the same time as needed. Rarely, recurrence of the problem can occur.

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