Incredible Results

One of the most important procedures to achieve natural results. Facelifts have come a long way with new technology offered by the Institute's Plastic Surgeons here at the Obagi Skin Health Institute. Correction in the deeper layer eliminates the need to pull the skin too tightly for an unnatural look. The procedure addresses the neck, jowl, and cheek area but may also improve the area around the mouth, the eyelids or the forehead.

The procedure is usually performed under twilight or a light general anesthesia, takes 2-3 hours to perform, and may be combined with eyelid surgery, or brow surgery very safely. Incisions are placed to minimize the "tells" of the past. No hair is removed, and minimal discomfort occurs with the procedure. Usually a light head wrap is placed for a day, and then showering is permitted. The majority of sutures are internal, and do not need to be removed. Those that do are usually removed after about 5 days. Bruising will last about 7-10 days normally, and we usually recommend 2 weeks recovery time to be safe, although many patients return to work and activities earlier than that. Some swelling may persist for a few weeks, but excessive swelling is unusual.

With the newer injections that are available many women hold off on facelift surgery, but the trend seems to be changing and returning back to surgical correction. The facelift will usually last about 10 years depending on the patient's genetics, life style, care of their skin, and tightness of the repair. Facelifts can be performed to look natural and just turn back the clock appropriately. Fortunately, complications are minimal and the procedure will give you many years of satisfaction.

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