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Plastic Surgery Services

Tastefully done, cosmetic surgery provides a beautiful, youthful, and glowing appearance for both men and women. For those who either have opportunities around specific body parts—the breasts, nose, or buttocks—or simply wish to restore new “trouble areas,” Obagi Skin Health Institute cosmetic surgery can return and expose beauty. As medical artists, our cosmetic surgeons can add volume and shape to the breasts and buttocks, tighten skin on the face and stomach, and re-shape bone structure and tissue in the nose. Whatever your beauty goals, the Obagi Skin Health Institute strives to surpass them.


Properly performed, a breast augmentation can tighten and lift skin, add or remove volume, perfect shape, and reduce sagginess. With their Obagi Skin Health Institute’s cosmetic surgeons, patients can determine which size and shape of breast will best fit their body frames and beauty goals.

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Often performed after pregnancy or significant weight loss, tummy tucks tighten the stomach area. Depending on the extent to which a muscles have weakened or skin has been loosened, Obagi Skin Health Institute's cosmetic surgeons will recommend a mini, a modified, or a full tummy tuck. In each of these procedures, small and discreet incisions are made to prevent noticeable scarring.

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The Brazilian Butt Lift adds volume and shapes the buttock region by removing extra fat from the love handles, outer thighs, and “banana roll” under the buttock and then inserting the fat from those areas into the buttock, where only tiny incisions are made. Though recovery time is relatively short, patients must to care to avoid sitting for long periods of time and should use cushions when seated.

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In men and women, the eyelid region ages much earlier than other parts of the face. Blepharoplasty—an eyelid surgery—greatly contributes to a younger-looking face. Small incisions in the lower and upper eyelids to remove and reposition fat and skin and to fix the appearance of “bags” under the eyes. Scars are unnoticeable, and bruising usually lasts for a week.

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Facelifts address the neck, jowl, cheek area but can also improve the area around the mouth, the eyelids, or the forehead. When performed at the Obagi Skin Health Institute, facelifts look natural and “turn back the clock”. Inconspicuous incisions are made. Bruising lasts 7-10 days, and recovery is approximately two weeks.

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For those patients who have large ears that “stick out,” ear tucks can greatly boost aesthetic harmony. The procedure includes a small incision made behind the ear, skin being freed up from underlying cartilage, and cartilage is re-shaped.

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For men, extra fat in the pectoral region can be bothersome and embarrassing. For this procedure, cosmetic surgeons determine which procedural approach should be taken. In some cases, only liposuction may be needed. In other cases, an incisions may be made at the bottom of the areolar and the tissue is removed. Recovery time is approximately four weeks.

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Whether in need of a small adjustment for perfection, suffering from a deviated septum, or a nose naturally out of physiological balance, a rhinoplasty surgeon at Obagi Skin Health Institute will resolve the problem. The meticulous procedure involves small incisions inside the nose and a sculpting down or shaping of the nose. Often, discomfort and recovery time is minimal

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